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Starter Kit for a Treegrowers' Co-operative


In 1999, Co-operative Development Services Ltd published an 80 page Starter Kit for a Treegrowers' Co-operative for Australian Forest Growers, the national association of private forest growers.

Australian Forest Growers received funding under the Australian Government's Farm Forestry Program to produce the Kit.

The Starter Kit, compiled by CDS Director Tony Gill, focuses primarily on the essentials of planning, establishing and operating a treegrowers co-operative in Australia.

The kit was launched by the Federal Minister for Forestry and Conservation, Wilson Tuckey, in Queensland in November 1999. Mr Tuckey praised the development and production of the Kit, saying it would contribute to more success stories in treegrowers co-operatives.

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The following is an extract from a letter to Australian Forest Growers from Michael P. Giuliano, Chairman of Equity Tree (1971) Co-operative Limited, on the Starter Kit.

I have recently read the Starter Kit and I must congratulate the Australian Forest Growers on producing a well-researched and definitive kit, which I understand is unique in Australia.

Although I was not a member of the inaugural board of co-operative, I'm sure that if those directors - right from the start - had access to the advantageous information offered by this kit, their long and arduous job of taking our co-operative from inception to clear fell, would, in my opinion, have been so much easier.

I believe that by studying the kit, the wealth of information it contains will make those persons who are responsible for forming a forestry co-operative, much more knowledgeable. This will enable them to talk intelligently to and listen to and understand the legal and accounting professionals who will guide them.

It is also my considered opinion that the kit rightfully takes its place on the 'must read' list for farmers, budding entrepreneurs and fledging directors who will choose (or already have chosen) a forestry co-operative as their vehicle for commercial aggrandizement in the new millenium.

Michael P. Giuliano 2000

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