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Victorian Co-operative News

One of Tony Gill's responsibilities as Secretary of the Co-operative Federation of Victoria was to produce a four page quarterly newsletter for federation members.

The aim of Victorian Co-operative News (VCN) was to keep members informed about the activities of the federation and the Australian co-operative sector generally.

VCN covered a diverse range of issues including co-operative governance, member profiles and the reform of co-operatives legislation. VCN played a major role in educating Victorian and interstate co-operatives of the need for nationally consistent co-operatives legislation. Tony produced the following 14 editions of VCN between 1994 and 1998.

February 1994

Federation meets Minister on new Act Obituary: Bill Rawlinson 1919 - 1993 About the Co-operative Federation of Victoria Members and Directors at February 1994.

June 1994

International Co-operative Alliance 72nd International Co-operative Day - The 150th Anniversary of the Rochdale Pioneers Member profile: South Kingsville Health Services Co-operative Ltd Co-operative training: A Renewed Frontier New Name for Registry New Act on the way.

September 1994

Edgar Parnell to visit Victoria Report on CFV 1994 annual general meeting Federation pays tribute to Brian Macintosh Member profile: Warrnambool Co-operative Society Ltd Report from the Victorian Government's Co-operatives Unit Co-operatives among the top 500 private corporations Interstate legislation US study tour beneficial Click here to view pdf version.

December 1994

Current laws inhibit interstate trade National Competition Policy may affect co-operatives Minister commends certificate course Avoiding the liquidator - pitfalls and solutions Meeting with Ministers Click here to view pdf version.

March 1995

Victorian co-operatives legislation delayed The Co-operative - Corporations Law Interface Co-operative housing program under review Rental housing co-operatives Developing directors of co-operatives Co-operatives Unit On the Move Click here to view pdf version.

Winter 1995

U.N. calls for annual celebration of co-operatives 100 years of international co-operative action ICA Congress to review co-operative principles Directors: your duties and obligations Member profile: Community Enterprise Network Co-operative Ltd Sector trends: where are co-ops coming from, or going? Training co-op set to move to NSW New national co-op body formed Thailand delegation to visit Victoria Click here to view pdf version.

Spring 1995

ICA adopts new co-operative principles Differences between the Board and Management Co-operatives significant says Minister Top nine Victorian co-operatives Bonlac commendation New plants for dairy co-ops Govt support for electric co-ops Click here to view pdf version.

Summer 1995/96

New Co-operatives Act on the way Major policy issues The importance of director training Directors - your Board's responsibilities Member profile: Municipal Association of Victoria Co-operative Purchasing Scheme National newsletter launched Talks stall on interstate trade Click here to view pdf version.

Autumn 1996

Proposals for Consistent Co-operatives Legislation Co-operative Opportunities Project Member profile: Victorian Producers' Co-operative Co. Ltd Developing Best Practice for Agricultural Co-operatives New co-op policy officer Click here to view pdf version.

Winter 1996

Draft co-operatives bill released Budget threat to co-ops Electric co-op task force formed Support for tree co-ops Edgar Parnell in Victoria Click here to view pdf version.

Summer 1996/97

Bi-partisan support for Co-operatives bill Historic agreement paves way for national co-ops Credit co-ops take initiative on bank closures Senate rejects repeal of tax concession for co-operatives Interest in electric co-ops grows.

Autumn 1997

New Co-operatives Act soon to become law National Competition Policy and Co-operatives New opportunities for co-ops ASX plan for a secondary market for co-ops Review of Associations Incorporation Act 1981. Co-operatives and health care Click here to view pdf version.

Spring 1997

New Co-operatives Act now law Dairy co-ops fight for water Child care co-ops look to restructure A new future for co-operatives Building rural futures through co-operation Click here to view pdf version.

Autumn 1998

States move on consistent laws Ed centre expands job programs Developing directors of co-operatives Grant from foundation. Members on the 'net' Co-operative awards Click here to view pdf version.