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Western Australian Co-operatives
The co-operative sector in Western Australia consisted of 56 co-operatives (excluding financial mutuals) in 2017, comprising 3.0% of the total number of co-operatives in Australia. 1

Co-operatives first emerged in Western Australia in the late 1880's following a Royal Commission into that state's rural industry.

At the start of the 20th century, the Western Australian government enacted the Co-operative and Provident Societies Act 1903, however, the act was deemed not suitable for rural based co-operatives and most elected to be registered under the state's companies law. A small number of mainly urban retail co-operatives were formed under the 1903 act prior to World War One. The Companies (Co-operative) Act was enacted in 1943 to cater for all co-operatives, however a number of co-operatives remained under the 1903 law. 2

In 1998, the Western Australian Parliament's Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Intergovernmental Agreements recommended the government sign the national Co-operatives Laws Agreement, however, the WA co-operative sector was reluctant to be part of a national scheme and did not encourage the government to implement the agreement in the state.

The state government's failure to adopt the parliamentary committee's recommendation delayed implementing consistent co-operative's law around Australia for over a decade.

Pressure from other state governments in the mid noughties resulted in the Western Australian government releasing in 2006 draft legislation for public consultation. This resulted in the Co-operatives Act 2009, replacing the earlier acts, thereby bringing the state's co-operatives law in line with those of other states and territories.

Today, Western Australian co-operatives are involved in a range of economic and social activities. The majority are distributing co-operatives in the agricultural, fishing, forestry, retail, transport, water and wholesale trade industries, with the balance being non distributing co-operatives in the education, training and interest group industries.

The following are links to Western Australian co-operatives with websites. Some co-operatives are listed more than once due to their activities covering more than one industry.


  Agriculture and Fishing   Retail Trade
  Education and Training   Transport
  Electricity, Water and Waste Services   Wholesale Trade
  Manufacturing   Other Services
  Real Estate Services


Agricultural Support Services

United Crate Co-operative Ltd

Commodity Marketing

  Agricultural Products and Seafood Wholesaling

Inputs Supplies

  Hardware, Building and Rural Supplies

Fishing Support Services

Geraldton Fishermen's Co-operative Ltd


Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Co-operative Ltd


Energy Related Services

Fremantle Wind Farm Co-operative Ltd

Water Supply

Gascoyne Water Co-operative Ltd
Ord Irrigation Co-operative Ltd
South West Irrigation Asset Co-operative Ltd
South West Irrigation Management Co-operative Ltd


Meat processing

Organic & Biodynamic Meats Western Australia Co-operative Ltd
Western Australian Meat Marketing Co-operative Ltd


Residential Property Operators (Housing co-operatives)

Phoenix Pond Co-operative Ltd


Fuel Retailing

Cocos Islands Co-operative Ltd
Mount Barker Co-operative Ltd

Hardware, Building and Rural Supplies

BKW Co-operative Ltd
Boyup Brook Co-operative Company Ltd
Cocos Islands Co-operative Ltd
Demark Co-operative Company Ltd
Geraldton Organised Primary Producers Co-operative Ltd
Mount Barker Co-operative Ltd
Nungarin Farmers Co-operative Company Ltd
Ord River District Co-operative Ltd
Quairading Farmers Co-operative Ltd

Supermarket and Grocery Stores

Beacon Co-operative Ltd
BKW Co-operative Ltd
Cocos Islands Co-operative Ltd
Mount Barker Co-operative Ltd
Quairading Farmers Co-operative Ltd
York & District Co-operative Ltd


Road Passenger Transport

Swan Taxis Co-operative Ltd

Transport Support Services

Cocos Islands Co-operative Ltd


Agricultural Products Wholesaling

Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd
Fruit West Co-operative Ltd
Nannup Truffle Growers Co-operative Ltd
Noodle Co-operative Ltd
Sweeter Banana Co-operative Ltd

Grocery and Liquor Wholesaling

Liquor Barons Co-operative Ltd

Seafood Wholesaling

Geraldton Fishermen's Co-operative Ltd

Other Goods Wholesaling

Wesbuilders Co-operative Ltd


Business and Professional Association Services

Co-operative Federation of Western Australia Ltd

Interest groups

Contractors & Self-Represented Workers Co-operative Ltd

1. WA Register of Co-operatives, 11 May 2017.
2. Gary Lewis, The Democracy Principle: Farmer Co-operatives in Twentieth Century Australia, 2006.

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