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  Updated January 2020
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Welcome to Australian Co-operative Links
Australian Co-operative Links is a directory of website links to over 660 Australian co-operatives.

Australian Co-operative Links is the first Australian website to feature and promote the nation's diverse range of co-operatives.

Co-operative Development Services Ltd launched Australian Co-operative Links in 2002 to provide interested persons with an insight into the broad range of activities undertaken by Australian co-operatives and the extent of the world-wide co-operative movement.

Co-operatives have existed in some form in Australia for over 150 years. Since the first known co-operative was formed in Queensland in 1859, co-operatives have spread across Australia following the nation's economic and social development.

Today, there are around 1,700 co-operatives operating in Australia covering a diverse range of activities, from supporting small businesses in the agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, professional services, transport and wholesale trade industries, to providing consumer services in the accommodation and food services, arts and recreation, education and training, financial services, health care and social assistance, housing, media and retail trade industries. In recent years, worker owned co-operatives have been formed in manufacturing industries.

Australian Co-operative Links reflects this diversity by providing links to co-operatives by industry using the Australian and New Zealand Standards Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), by state of registration and A to Z.

Australian Co-operative Links is periodically updated as new websites are identified.

Please contact us if any of the links are not functioning or you wish to add your co-operative's website link to Australian Co-operative Links.

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Education and Training
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Financial Services
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