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Specialists in forming co-operatives
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Co-operative Development Services Ltd is a Victorian based co-operative that specialises in the formation of co-operatives in Australia.

CDS is a network of consultants with a proven track record in forming successful co-operatives.

CDS Director Tony Gill is one of Australia's leading experts on co-operatives and has over 30 years practical experience in co-operative development. Since 1980, he has assisted in the formation of over 100 co-operatives in Australia, from agricultural and business services to community and social enterprises.

CDS is highly innovative in developing creative solutions to challenging issues. It is most likely we have already encountered the problems and opportunities you face and have built up experience in the best way of dealing with them. Because we understand co-operatives, CDS can provide services tailored to meeting your specific needs.

Formation services
  Forming a new co-operative
  Community buyout of a closing business
  Converting an incorporated association or a company to a co-operative
  Start-up assistance

Other services
  Governance training and policy development
  Rule changes
  Co-operative tours
  Co-operative research


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